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The return of the mac

Love mac n' cheese, slow cooked meats, fresh vegetables? Put them all together and what do you get? Sounds like a FLEETWOOD from The Return of The Mac! Choose your own adventure as you build out your mac n' cheese bowl exactly how you want it. The sauces are made fresh daily from scratch, the meats are slow cooked in house and the outcome is delicious. Check out the WEBSITE, LIKE the Facebook page and find The Return of The Mac out and about today!


hollywood Cheesesteaks

The best cheesesteaks south of Philly - Here you will find sandwich options from a classic Philly style cheesesteak (wiz wit?) to delicious and inventive varients like a caprese cheesesteak with thick cut tomatoes, mozzarella and pesto spread. Checkout the MENU with items aptly named after fictional Hollywood characters...



Coming soon...

We are always cookin' up something new :)